Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guest Blog :: The Flicks

Good morning! Welcome to the 2nd of June. It's officially winter AND the official start of the 57th Annual Sydney Film Festival. Hooray!
I love a good flick, or 'the pictures' as the lovely old fashioned folk in my life would say. There's nothing like being removed from reality and wisked away on a journey, romantical ones preffered of course!
And I love getting behind Aussie talent. This year the festival plans on unleashing the best of what Australian cinema and film makers around the world have to offer. So if you're in Sydney over the coming weeks go check them out! Oooh! And let us know what you're seeing!
here for more info. Plus (an added bonus) there's cute puppies on the website... that appreciate good folk like Mr Darcy. I mean Colin Firth.


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