Monday, June 21, 2010


In a brilliantly tied together cross over, Doris Day in 'The Winning Team' will be announcing our winner's today. Why? Because she was in 'The Winning Team'! Quite simple really.

And you are in this superb winning team (I do hope wearing a smashing hat) if you are Annanotherthing (for wonderfully promoting sun safety) or Sazzle-Bedazzle (for sheer length - even if not in lymerick form!). Highly commended to Jojo (so good!), and those awesome 'if we had more prizes you'd get them too' ribbons to Paperklip, Ms anonymous and Jillian.

If the two lovely winner's could email their contact details to we'll get your vouchers out to you quick smart so you can buy yourself something pretty!

Much love to all (super cool) participants! For our first giveaway, I think that went quite well!


ps - did anyone else notice a man called Frank Lovejoy was in 'The Winning Team'? What a wonderful name...

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