Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

I am about to be seasonally confused. I leave to head to bonny Scotland in approximately 7 days, 7 hours and 13 minutes (but who's counting), and apparently it's Summer there. I have been told on many an occasion that it is toasty, warm, and a roasting 18 degrees, and that I MUST bring all manner of Summer clothing. This confuses me. For many reasons, the main being that it is 18 degrees here and I have my uggboots on, a big woolly jumper and am huddled in front of my heater. I would like to think that due to me being Australian and all I am permanently bronzed and glowing but as I spend little time sunbaking and it's WINTER unfortunately I am quite the pasty pie. So what's a girl to do?

This here Dallas bronzer from Benefit is for 'an outdoor glow for an indoor gal'. I have never truly considered myself indoorsy or a 'gal' BUT! If wearing this means I resemble a bronzed Scarlett O'Hara bring it on.
Palmers Cocoa Butter fake tan. OH how I love thee. The only gradual tanner to not make me look like an oversized human tangelo and the only one that smells like chocolate cream. And honestly? If it made me look like an oversized human tangelo, I'd probably use it anyway. Did I mention it smells like chocolate cream? Also. Their face gradual tanner is rather swell too. No mandarin head on the tangelo. Nice and natural. And chocolate creamish.

And then we have the delightful 3 in 1 The Multiple from Nars. As far as using it for eyeshadow we've been through pink eye before, and tis something I would shy away from. However! As a lip and cheek colourant (?) it's smashing. Doesn't smell like chocolate cream, but this is something we can work on.

All of which shall leave me looking like this when I bounce of the plane after approximately 28 hours in transit! Yes siree!

Any tips for an upgrade? I feel my time has come!


first image from Benefit, third image from Nars, fourth image from instyle


  1. you're going to scotland! (in case you didn't know). htat sounds exciting. and romantic.

  2. i really have it then my th's come out ht. it happens about 80% of hte time. see?!

  3. Dress a la Elle McPherson - big sunglasses, snuggly pashmina, comfy and stylish and wrinkle-free clothing. How hard can it be? :)

  4. good plan!! and snuggly pashmina goes on the list of travel 'necessities'.
    and alex...I KNOW! but it makes it much more exciting when i'm told it as well, much less surreal! xx

  5. You are coming to Scotland how exciting! I have lived here my whole life and love knowing people ocme ot visit. It is is very very hot here right now, but then it is uaually so cold anything with sun counts as hot. I would definately bring cover ups and jeans and stuff hour weather changes so much!

    Where all are you visiting?



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