Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

It's time. Change is afoot. And not just because I particularly enjoy using the word 'afoot', but because change actually IS afoot. You're excited. I can tell. But WHY?! Because it has sprung upon me in the most inconvenient of moments that I must change my hair colour and I must change it NOW! The difficulty of this being my hair is currently dark brown. Who's idea THAT was we'll never know, but some advice? Only go chocolate brown if you NEVER WANT TO GO BACK. Just saying.
So in the interests of blog material, lets take a look at my options, shall we?

Make like Dout's here and go a lovely shimmering gold-y blonde. This is sort of kind of a little bit where we're headed, except with much less lash extensions and pouting. It does concern me in part however, that to make this hairstyle look good I would have to a) recreate this hairstyle, and b) shimmy about in a silvery frock on some kind of fur looking very surprised. Constantly.

Follow my biggest hair crush and go ranga. I wish I could, one day I might, but the GOSH the maintenance. The reason I went brunette was to cut down on maintenance. Little did I realise that reversing that procedure would cost every penny I saved (someone should really explain that better at the salon. Just saying). But in my wildest of dreams I do wish for hair as bright as the sun. I know. I dream big.

Platinum. Er, we did just cover maintenance, no? And besides. My eyebrows already almost don't exist. I might not exist if I went this bright. I'd be a headless woman. A platinum headless woman. Total wash out. The mind boggles. Do you remember boggle? Good game.

Some sort of reddy, brunetty, I rather enjoy standing in front of fierce fans style which suits fur (again! I sense a theme...) and casually relaxing on uncomfortable lounges. Unfortunately as my hair fades from my Garnier deep frosted brown it is actually turning red. And not in a good way. So that's a no. Sorry dear lady, you can turn your fan off.

Or I could quite simply punch myself in the eyes a couple of times and wear large birds on my head forever more.

Have a lovely weekend my dear readers, let's hope it stays sunny! xx

third and fifth image from marieclaire
fourth image from harpers

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  1. Love the progression from glam to birds and black eyes. Looking forward to seeing what you end up with!


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