Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post! ***** GIVEAWAY *****

Goooood morning lovely readers! I hope you manage to enjoy the sunshine at some point today. I myself have woken to very sore knees. What does one do with sore knees, you might ask? That is an excellent question. I do not know. Apparently though, wearing jeans makes it worse.

Anyhoodle, EXCITING NEWS (in capitals, of course)!!! We have our first giveaway! Tis exciting, no? The gorgeous ladies at RY. have sent over two $20 vouchers to use on their haircare and skincare site (go and have a peek, it's quite the distraction) on whatsoever your sweet heart desires. How do you win, you ask? You're on fire with the questions today! We'll get to that. But first! A lymerick...

There once was a girl named Liz,
Her hair was a bundle of frizz.
She discovered Polishing Serum,
Her frizz came down to a minimum,
She thought to herself, 'gee-whiz! ...This serum is the best I've ever used! Those Good Hair Day ladies sure know what they're talking about'.

True story. It's a famous lymerick too. I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard it before. Safe to say, now it's back in the mainstream, it's pretty much the next Justin Bieber. He does have good hair.

Say hello to Liz...

And the best part? Apart from Liz's brilliant frizz free hair? You can get loads of other beauty-tastic items from the lovely ladies over at RY. Every OPI colour under the sun, your fav Dermalogica skincare, Fudge hairproducts, GHD products and straighteners, Invisible Zinc, Payot, MD Formulations, St Tropez (for all those who are feeling less than stellar about their resemblance to a soft serve ice cream) and stacks more.

So how do you win a $20 voucher to spend at RY.? Comment on this post about your favourite product, lymerick style! Oh yes! Lymerick style. We have a panel of judges awaiting your answers, all experts in their fields (blogger, beauty lover and ball girl, respectively) and are EXCITED (very) to be giving some love back. We'll announce the winners on Monday so get in quick. My ball girl is a touch flighty. Lymerick away, my pretties!


ps - Be sure to pop over to RY. and say hi to Liz, she's always about...

last image from harpers


  1. Well, I’ll be - I learnt something new, I never knew GHD stood for “Good Hair Day”!!!

    To begin, I’m usually not one to –
    1. enter competitions
    2. use lymerick as a form of communication, or
    3. be creative what-so-ever

    But you’ve caught me in just the right mood (and trust me there’s many) - so, here goes nothing!

    PS – you’ll need to bare with me… :o)


    Hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle,
    the lovely ladies a RY must be having a giggle.
    For as you know it’s time for Nic’s beauty post,
    and yes we’re excited … unless there’s a ghost!!

    If we’re talking colour, OPI knows best,
    especially when their funky names put our creativity to the test.
    But if we’re dealing with the fuzziness of life,
    who can survive without their vice?
    G.H.D. it is,
    now away with all that fizz.

    It’s true,
    there are something’s a girl needs to go through.
    Sometimes it can be scary,
    a broken heart or a dead canary.
    But with these trials, we learn and grow,
    so one day we can know…
    the meaning life, the joy of love,
    comes with it strife and maybe a dove!

    For if you ask your mirror “who’s the fairest of all?”,
    it will have a hard time to answer because we make that call!!!
    It’s what’s inside that counts, our inner “glow”,
    We’re women of destiny – don’t you know!



    Love from your favourite anonymous reader!

  2. You have fun ideas!

    A young lady climbed up a tree
    To gaze out over the sea
    A breeze came by
    And her hair went awry
    So we bought her a GHD.


  3. Not sure about political correctness, but here goes...

    My lovely friend Jane had a stutter,
    And her nerves were all such a-flutter,
    She had a hot date
    Her skin was not great
    So she used all her co-co-cocoa butter!

    Jill xx

  4. I really love your blog and all the lovely pretty cheery things that you share.

    There once was a girl named Elise
    Whose hair was more like a fleece
    But with products galore
    GHD and much more...
    Her hair troubles did all but cease.

  5. Here goes:

    Opulent, opaque, oh so pretty
    Perfect, pearly, pinky
    Incredible, intense, in colour.

    Can you guess my product?

    Mel xx

  6. There once was a young girl named Anna
    Who worried she'd have skin like her Nanna
    She stayed out of the sun,
    Unlike her poor mum,
    And instead used St Tropez self tanner!

  7. Mel! I have been wracking my brain for the past well, day, and I have no idea what your product is. Clearly I don't have enough to think about, but DO tell!! x
    ps - to all the other lovely lymerick-ers...I LOVE it!!! Nothing better than a good lymerick. You guys are brilliant x


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