Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest Blog :: love, honour and you're still okay with me

And a glorious Wednesday to you! Well, it will be between the hours of ten and two. Sunshine people. Need the sunshine. (Feeling an overwhelming need to burst into song here...despite not being gifted in this area)

So Monday night I caught the last film of the
Sydney Film Festival. And what an exciting evening it was. To see an array of talented folk be presented with awards that express honour and gratitude for their creations. Dinosaur Designs were behind the actual creation of the awards. Makes sense. Australian designers honouring creatives at an Australian festival. I like it.

It so fun to be back at the state theatre as well. Its such a unique space one can't help but be swept away by the grand features and old fashioned details which remain plentiful. (Really wanted to munch down on some popcorn to complete the experience, but was too full from dinner! Note to self...next time - leave room!) My last visit to the state theatre was some time ago. Sufjan Stevens concert with angel wings and white pants during Sydney Festival. AND hoola hoops spinning. That concert was one of the most amazing concert going experiences of my life. My Brightest Diamond made me want to rush out and buy a glowing hoola hoop straight away. So much so I researched my new fascination to find that I would have to part with a decent $100 plus for one with flashing lights. AND it would have to have flashing lights.

Nevermind I thought. If this dream is worth pursuing, I'll hang on to it. File it away with the other dreams and save it for a rainy day. The point is, hopefully there will be one...Sufjan wore white pants. White pants my friends. With sneakers. And I still like the guy. I know. Right? Love covers a multitude of fashion woopsies. If there's inspiration to be drawn from this? Draw it from the wings, the banjo. not the pants. Leave them to Sufjan. Also, heard the other day, Sufjan is working on a new album. Smiles.

Happy Wednesday : )


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