Wednesday, June 16, 2010

me and amber...

Good morning my dears! I'm feeling slighly comatose after a long weekend (and MORE rain) BUT did manage to make a new discovery! A super exciting one at that. Probably not on par with discovering a family sized box of Fererro Rochers at the top of the pantry behind the blackout candles and sprinkles, but really, not much is.

I get a bit carried away with stationery. I love it. When I buy cards I buy two, one to give away and one to stick on my wall. I have a wall full of cards I can't bring myself to give away. You'd think I'd never run out of stationery, but do. ALL. THE. TIME. Because I can't use those cards on the wall. They're much too pretty. And old! How would I replace them?! It's making me upset just thinking about it.

SO! Please let me introduce to you my latest stationery crush! Drumroll please...! Me and Amber!

These sweet cards are handmade (by the very lovely ladies at Me and Amber) on 100% recycled paper, so are not only beautiful and super lovely to hand out with gay abandon, but they help the environment too! And there are loads more! Take a look-see at the pretty heart trees and pretty heart hearts (you're intrigued. That's intentional. Go and look...) and pretty vases with pretty flowers. Who knew recycling could be so flipping pretty!? I guess Me and Amber. Smart chickies.

Available at swell stores such as the MCA, The Gallery Shop and Funkis City, you've really no excuse to not let your sweetie know that they're your sweetie. None. At. All.

For all stockists see me and amber

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