Monday, June 7, 2010

lights of fancy...

Chandeliers are funny things. Sometimes a mention of them makes me shudder in a pretentious manner like one who has just heard the words 'Crocs' and 'cool' in the same sentence. While in London and apartment shopping (for the big brother, not moi), I took to paying attention to the light fittings. It seems in the 70's loads of people quite liked their crystal rose coloured chandeliers. Which, to be fair, did match in a lovely manner the frosted pink glass in the bathroom and thick rose carpet underfoot*.

But at other times, when in my 'what my dream house would look like' mindset (comes around about the same time my 'I need to clean my room' mindset foolishly sets up camp) it turns out I'm rather fond of a good dangling light fixture. Wandering through the hallways in the Palacio Real de Madrid (a HUGE palace in Madrid...good translation eh?) I also became quite partial to the ginormous chandeliers there, but hanging one of those in what I affectionately term my 'cave' might pull the house down. And then there's the whole "money" thing. And, er, space.


Here are a few I like. A lot. Some of them could even be made. If your 'I can be a crafty cat' mindset comes on. Stick them on walls, paint them pink. The ceiling's your limit!!

*They didn't take that apartment. Shame really. Pink is quite soothing.
first image via pottery barn
fourth image via designsponge

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