Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spring Ready to Wear 2010


Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

Bagdley Mischka

Just between you and me, I'm a little excited. I have my parents on the hunt for orange leather accessories all over Europe (this is stressing them out I'm told. Not that they can't find anything, but there are just so many lovely things to choose from. I feel no sympathy). There's nothing orange in my local little Westfield. And then I start to look at the new Spring Ready to Wear pretties, and I spot a common theme! Orange! This means either I'm way ahead of my time and deserve medals (preferably the chocolate kind), or the media has subliminally been feeding me images of gradually stronger orange accessories so that in time I'll believe it was my own idea to go nutso on citrus coloured goodies. I choose to believe option A.

And here's little Thursday treat for you!
'What did the chick say when it's mother laid an orange?
Look at the orange marmalade!'
Ha! Oh google...

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