Monday, September 21, 2009

Lovely pretty cheery song...

As I lay awake last night listening to the strange noises in my house, figuring out where my nearest weapon lay, whether or not I would have a chance to put on shoes before I made a mad rush for the back door and whether to go run past the next door neighbours with the dogs or the next door neighbours with the rocky cliff, I decided to calm myself down by planning my wedding. Gold star for logic. I decided this song would feature heavily, perhaps even as a single CD for the bonbonierre. Now, obviously, songs featured in my wedding would have to have a special meaning for both myself and husband, and as I'm single and may end up marrying a celtic cross heavy metal loving hippy that may have an aversion to lovely songs such as 1234, I make no promises this will actually come to fruition. This is when I got distracted by more loud noises, and decided I should focus more on escape plans rather than what shade of peach my bridesmaids would be (the dresses, not the bridesmaids themselves).

Listen to it, you'll love it. And if you don't? I may not invite you to my wedding. I'll send you the gift registry though. I'm pretty thoughtful like that.

Oh. And I'm pretty sure the loud noises were possums. Large possums.

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