Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's enjoy some postponing fun!

Ok. So things have gone a little bit like when you decide to make a really yummy cake, and spend ages picking out the perfect ingrediants, organic this, ripe and smelling like perfection that, and there are loads of steps to this recipe, and you painstakingly work through each one, and as you go to pour this delicious batter into the tin, the bowl slips and smacks onto the floor, shattering and ruining the perfect-est cake.

Or like when you decide to make a smoothie, with only the yummiest ingrediants, yummy fruit, yogurt and icecream (they balance each other out), and all the extra things smoothie know-its know to put in smoothies, and when you hit the blend button you realise you haven't put the lid on and you end up with a fruity smelling ceiling.

You know? So our 'Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot' has been postponed until Monday, but make sure you pop back, because it will involve Alexa Chung, and she's cool. Like a banana.

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