Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My favourite kind of wedding...



Sweet Peas

Pieris Japonica

Blown roses and Geraldton Wax

The bride requested her bouquet be big, loose, messy, pretty and beautiful. The bridesmaids were to be one type of bloom each, all in whites, each looking like they'd been picked from a field (more I'm wearing a floral cotton dress, a floppy hat and riding my bicycle, less we decided to get married in Vegas - let's get some freebies on the way). Vaucluse Gardens were draped with white paper lanterns and masses of babies breath lined the aisle. I've been trying to figure out a way to describe the theme for the wedding. Modern Field? Field Chic? I may have too much time on my hands...


  1. I adore this look. I am in love with white flowers and the many different textures hat come into play. Beautiful!

    Relaxed field chic?

  2. Me too, I absolutely LOVE the texture and different shades of white. It's so simple but beautiful.
    And oh I like it! Relaxed field chic. Perhaps it's term we should coin. Although I'm entirely sure how to 'coin' a term. Maybe we just did ;)

  3. Oh Nicky did you do these?? So great. Do them for mine.

  4. Surely did! A rubyandjoy creation I love with my whole heart.
    I feel yours would need to be in colours :) Loads of colours!


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