Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blog loving...

SO I thought it high time I fling some blog loving from my windows, much like a parade located in a small European town, perhaps somewhere in Italy. I shall categorise, partly to make it easier to read, but also so I can come up with fun and lengthy category names. Excitement plus.

Spectacularly beautiful, wonderful folk that have links to either rubyandjoy or lovelyprettycheerythings. We love them.

Pop to
amour amour blog, and
Wedding Style Guide Magazine for some link loving and some topso inspiration.

Brilliantly creative, lovely folk that have written about rubyandjoy or lovelyprettycheerythings in such glowing terms we were left in such a blushing state that someone actually asked the other day if we were tomatoes. Well that's not true, but they were thinking it. I could see it in the eyes. We love them anyway.
Skip along to
Bits Of Beauty for some super cool inspiration, creativity and some more lovely pretty cheery things.

Super special folk elsewhere on le web that are uber creative, talented, and have offered pretty little links to us, even with the whole "tomato" thing. That just proves how indeedly super they indeedly are.
Hopscotch it over to
Huetopia for some of the most delightful and beautiful paper treats you may ever lay your eyes upon.

If I've forgotten anyone please send a note, email, or skywrite and I shall quicksmartly add you to our splendid little list. And if you pop in to say hello to these lovely little munchkins remember to be polite, say hello, and compliment their shoes.

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