Monday, September 14, 2009

I feel an exhibition coming on...

If you've been with us from the beginning (hi mum!), you'll remember the beautifully saturated polaroids Christian Wright lovingly sent us. You may also remember we call him Pat. Important detail. Unless I'm confusing important with insignificant. Anyway. Exciting news! He's throwing a soiree! Tis called A Family Feast, and the best bit? I do believe there'll be some feasting!

Ok ok, so the best bit will be the beautiful shots you'll get to feast (geddit?!) your bright little eyes on. And just to raise the excitment bar a notch more, his new book will be launching on the same night! I know I know, my socks are off too. So get down (or up, depending on where you're coming from) to IKU at 62 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst on Thursday October 1st (exhibition runs all October) from 6pm for a night full of beautiful snaps and tasty snacks.

And also? How beautiful is this wedding!? xx

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