Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

As exciting as my comments have been about the fabulous frocks being trotted about at the Spring Ready to Wear shows, I'm sure if you've been paying attention at all, you will have noticed I know nothing about said shows, and am probably offending people left right and centre with my pathetic commentary. However! Pretty dresses are fun to look at and wish for, so I will push through (phew!). And as it's Friday, it's now time for our beauty post! Something that could be compared to asking a monkey to explain the new season trends. Not that I'm a monkey. Heavens no. But like a monkey, I tire of bananas easily*. And don't know much about beauty trends. Thank goodness I'm not a monkey, then, and can use my many other talents (many) to find pictures and write absolute rubbish about them! Weeee!

I'd quite like to compare this chunky eyeliner to the Camilla and Marc runways at RAFW, especially with the clean face and neutral lips. It just looks like so much fun! I tried to do the chunky eyeliner thing at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival but I don't think my eyes appreciated it, as they didn't SPARKLE like they do here, and I wanted them to SPARKLE dammit! Oh well. Perhaps I'll try the quiff next. I imagine it will end up looking like I have an American football trapped under a birds nest of hair, but that's what being young and experimenting is all about eh?! Footballs and birds nests. Yes siree.

*DO they tire of bananas?

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