Friday, September 4, 2009

Market finds...

My mum always talks about how she stresses when she buys me things becaue my taste is really hard to pick. This may be true *cough*, however I will ALWAYS graciously accept gifts from hither and thither with a happy smile on my face! I'm pretty nice like that. But last week she came home from Manly markets and told me she'd bought a wee presie for me which of course sent me into convulsions of excitement. Well, not convulsions, that's a little violent. But I was pretty enthusiastic re the whole 'present' sitch. So anyway, she pulls out a dusty old plastic bag, and inside are loads of vintage cotton reels and lace! Excitement!!! I think she thought I was a little odd to be so excited about cotton reels and lace, but heck. She's my mum. If anyone is allowed to think I'm weird, I'm ok with it being her...


  1. Mmm, nice photographing of old cotton reels and lace I say.

  2. i don't think you're weird! i would have been just as excited!!!

  3. Lot's of thanks to both of you lovely ladies! For the compliments and the reassurance of sanity. I think... ;)


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