Monday, September 21, 2009

Farm/backyard fresh yummies

I've been feeling quite domestic goddess-y of late, which I believe has something to do with the fact I harvested 14 lemons from our lemon tree on Sunday afternoon (and not so much to do with the lack of clean glasses). Although I had nothing at all to do with growing them I was happily chuffed with my bounty. I had a moment of sheer terror (it's been quiet at home lately...) when I realised I did not have a clue how to carry them inside, but solved that by tucking them all in my skirt and using it as a basket. Now, if you're imagining a lovely floral printed cotton skirt filled with yummy yellow fruit please keep that image in mind (much prettier than what actually happened). Short black dress. Not much room for lemon holding. At all. Especially not 14. But I prevailed. The neighbours laughed (I'm sure I could hear the snorts and giggles). Why I didn't just walk upstairs and get a bowl is a question I am only just now asking myself. This in itself may be a concern, but I have always been a stubborn one tripper. If there are 23 shopping bags I will load up and bring them all in in one go. I may lose all blood circulation in limbs but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Live life on the edge and all. I'm still yet to decide if this trait can be considered lazy or determined. I like the sound of option B.

Anyhoodle. Sunday afternoon my friend El and I ventured out to nursery land in the smoke and rain (I know, confusing) to enjoy some yummy scones and tea. Domestic goddess-y feelings continued when on the way back we stopped at a road side market and bought little bags of strawberries and tomatoes...weeeee! Something very satisfying about buying farm fresh produce. What I'm going to do with all my tomatoes, strawberries and lemons is as yet an unanswered question. Probably should have thought that through. Oh well. I'm sure worse things could happen. Like I made a lemon cake last night and have just realised I'll have to eat it all. Damn.

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