Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot!

Zac Posen Fall '09 (image from
So I've learnt orange is a little bit of a scary colour. I'm thinking it's pretty safe to say stay away from anything that resembles a highlighter mix pack from Officeworks, but from previous experience, if you stick to more of a Derwent Studio palette, it can go ok. I had a triumph (yes, a triumph) a few weeks back when I went to a wedding and decided to, wait for it, do something different with my eye makeup. Crazy, I know. But I had some eye colour from The Makeup Store (in ruby!) which was a wholly frightening colour purchased on a whim when I had decided I probably had enough gold-y neutral-y shadows to make up an entire model army from fashion week. Anyway, while I spent the night living on the edge with my ruby eyeshadow (the excitement never stops), I thought firmly to myself 'I should wear orange, or at least coloured makeup, much more often! More fun! More excitement! More canapes!'. I do enjoy a good canape. But as fervent as my mini soliloquy was I've not gone colour-rific since. SO! When I saw this piccy of the chicky above, I thought to myself, 'Why does she have what appear to be two nails sticking out the side of her head?', and also, 'I love her lippy!'. No idea what brand/label/colour it is, so really, am not being helpful at all, and am no closer to my dream of finding a lippy that actually suits. But helpful is not what we're on about here! GOSH no! Waffle. And top quality waffle at that!

January Jones
And if you read at all, you will know that they (and approximately 72.6% of women in the Sydney metropolitan area) are experiencing something akin to obsession over Mad Men and January Jones. So groomed and glamourous! So classic and elegant! It's quite handy for us too, as Jan here seems to love sticking with said groomed-ness in her every day (award ceremony) life! She's so nice like that, our Jan. Orange-y cheeks, orange-y lips, lovely liquid liner. It's almost as if she knew...

John Galliano Spring '09 (image from
Another wearable option. Thank goodness such classic styles are making a comeback. The best bit? They suit absolutely everyone! You should try it. It'll bring our your eyes.


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