Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A key to my heart

Now, as per previous post, I've never been one to wear bling-y jewellery, or really, jewellery of any type. Clearly this is null and void when Tiffany's comes into play (CLEARLY!), especially with these lovely little keys here. Now, obviously these aren't *actual* keys to anyone's heart, least of all mine, just in case you're head over heels in love with me, have tried everything to capture my attention, and are considering a key as a last resort. A likely situation. Although, who am I kidding, it would probably open my heart a little. Just not in the literal sense. I'm not even sure most hearts have keyholes in them these days. Shocking I know.

I've included the top picture just to give you a sense of how a Tiffany key would look on you, should you be brunette, brown eyed and in a studio with a hair and makeup team. These things are important you know. The visualisation. Concept visualisation. Specially as it's not jewellery, it's 'a piece'.
I've decided my fav is the heart shaped plain one. So if you're thinking this is your last chance to win my heart, and have read this post (again, likely), and excitedly skipped off in a manly fashion to purchase the heart shaped Tiffany key? When we next meet, and you decide it's now or never? Don't jam it into my chest hoping it will unlock my heart to you. It won't go as planned. Trust me.

Not. Literal.


  1. since you asked (you did ask, didn't you?), my favourite one is the big plain one on the left of the group shot. but i'll take whatever i'm given.

  2. when i saw these i immediately thought. Tiffanys.

  3. Oh yes, the asking was implied :) And I'm the same. Love the plain ones, but if someone gave me a diamond encrusted Tiffany anything, I think I could work with it...
    Hurray for Tiffany's and their sock rocking!

  4. My boyfriend just gave me one last nite for our two year anniversary and I love it! Its a heart with a diamond set in it. Its perfectly small enough to wear with other, longer necklaces, and yet, large enough to wear on its own if you dont want to wear too many accessories.

    And the card phrasing that he wrote with it was perfectly-cheesy romantic. "I give you the key to my heart, carry it with you always!"


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