Monday, September 14, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty spot...on Monday!

Perhaps this post should be renamed 'this is the kind of style I try to pull of everyday, but when Alexa Chung ends up looking all cool and nonchalant and well, hot, I end up looking either like a drunken sailor or like I forgot to put my pants on, which is just not ideal'. And let's face it, that wouldn't be very catchy. So I'm on the hunt for a skirt like this, not in a Twilight hunting way, GOODness no, but more in a 'now that I'm looking for it I'm sure I won't find it' kind of way. Lot's of apostrophy's. Awesome.

And I'm not sure about you, but I was always of the opinion that says chunky heels like these ones above would always look terrible. Doesn't matter who's wearing them, just. Don't. Go. There. And then what does Miss Alexa do? She makes them look all cool and normal. My goodness she's good. I imagine having a limitless supply of lovely handbags would make your day a pinch more fun too. Mine is literally falling apart at the seams. It's embarrassing. Quite embarrassing. And see now, how much more fun I would have if I leapt out of bed looking all lovely like (I'm sure she does, I can see it in her eyes...), and instead of figuring which way to carry my bag so the worst bit is under my arm, I could simple say 'Chanel!' or 'Chloe!', and little bluebirds would flit over and place the chosen bag on my arm. I'm sure that's how it happens...

And seeing as how this is supposed to be a beauty post (you may or may not be picking up on this, but I'm not a beauty editor. Shocking, I know...), I thought I would point out (helpful!) that in every photo here Al has worn her hair differently. And still looks incredible in every one! I think my fav is the short hair, blunt fringe combo. If I try to wear my hair in a centre part I tend to look like a man, so it's generally something I steer clear of. And as I am growing out my fringe for Summer in the effort to steer clear of a little something I like to call 'wonky beach fringe', it seems only right that I would be bombarded with images of good looking fringes right when mine is at it's difficult stage. You know, won't put it's dishes away. That kind of thing.

Um, yeah, I don't really have much to say here. If I could pull of a dress like that I would get 15 made and wear them constantly. Somewhat like that chicky that's wearing the same tunic for a year with different accessories. Except this may be a little more exxy. Meh. If I looked like that? Totally worth it.

And just so that we can relax knowing that something was said about beauty in the er, beauty post, here is a lovely little close up! Weeeee! This people, this right here is the exact lip colour/stain/whatever that I have been looking for. I heart it. And thrown in with her rosy cheeks, flawless complexion, goldy brown and black eyes, it looks amazing. Very 'I had fifteen minutes to get ready and I'm looking HOT because I did not try one smidge'. Why is it that the no makeup look uses lots of makeup to achieve? What kind of cruel game are the makeup folk playing!? And I would like to know if it involves chocolate. The chocolate game was never cruel to me...

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