Thursday, March 3, 2011

wedding gift list goodies...

Our main adventure today was to Ikea, and what and adventure it was! We bought loads of goodies to make our home home-ier (and much more Swedish), but more on that later! On the the way to Ikea, we stopped of at Debenhams to choose ourselves a gift of our wedding list from our most wonderful Nanna. I'm fairly sure I've mentioned her before, but she is excellent. Not only for her talents and boundless love and creativity and sense of humour, but also because she most excellently bought us this teacup and saucer and cake stand from the Cuckoo Wedgewood collection! Excellent choosing Nanna!

Other things purchased to today...some cosy throws, some wonderful pantry/storage cupboard-y whatsits that we're currently on our way home to put together (I've high hopes at this stage), some lovely little blue bottles, a white hydrangea plant (from Ikea! Bizarre but I'll take it!) and loads more! I'm running out the door so I shall finish with some imporant facts from today.

1. My toes have been cold all day. All day.
2. Ikea makes me hungry.
3. We are now set to drive home with wooden planks surrounding my head in what is a very small car crammed with large-ish furniture. Therefore, no flailing of limbs. Splinters, you see.
4. I need to buy more thermal socks from Primark.
5. My toes are still cold.
6. Setting up home is fun!

Love to you all, I'm off to find my allen keys...

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  1. Oooooo how beautiful are the tea set and cake stand! Would go perfectly with my High Tea Birthday party! ;) Sounds like you should have a high tea house warming! That might make your toes warm up!


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