Friday, March 11, 2011

Three of my favourite things this week! A week of sleet and snow, our internet being connected (oh the excitement), the most wonderful 'welcome to Scotland' pack being delivered to my door bursting full of treats and love, the first night apart from the boy since we got hitched, and eating an entire block of Cadbury Bubbly in one sitting. Delicious. Here they are...

Number one - Two (out of the three) deliciously toasty hotwater bottles from the delightful Primark. Keeping my toes warm in the sleet and snow!

Number two - A super cosy fluffy dressing gown which came as a gift in my 'welcome pack'! Keeping the rest of me warm in the sleet and snow!

Number three - My happy little hydrangea sitting next to me, cheering me in the sleet and snow!

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