Tuesday, March 1, 2011

starting a new collection...

It ocurred to me as I was packing my life away in teensy suitcases that none of my wonderfully romantic romantic comedies would be happy in a UK dvd player. This was crushing. Not in a 'I broke my leg' way, but in a 'my ice cream is melting on my pants' way. I know. Horrific.

BUT! Gran came to the rescue with a handy amazon voucher and as I happily snuggled in under many (many) layers last night, I let my hair go and bought a splendid selection of movies that will make it feel like home no matter where I am. On my list? One Fine Day, While You Were Sleeping, He's Just Not That Into You, Lost In Austen, When Harry Met Sally, Pride and Prejudice. A small selection but a goody I feel. Coming up next? What Happens in Vegas, Whip It, Sleepless In Seattle, The Princess Bride, and Amelie. And we're still a-looking. And Friends! All 10 seasons, yes siree!

Now! I'm of to make dinner for the boy! I'm thinking leftovers. Definitely.


  1. Good movie choices! I would add You've Got Mail and Serendipity to that list too, along with the Bridget Jones movies.

  2. ooh good plan! I shall pop them onto the list straight away! xx

  3. Sweet Home Alabama? Notting Hill? The Holiday? So many choices!! Ooo, and how do you already have leftovers? J xx

  4. Ah! The boy already has Notting Hill (weird eh but who's complaining?)! Oh I do love the other two as well...adding to my list now.
    And the leftovers are from the 2nd wedding...quite fancy for leftovers, and very tasty! xx

  5. Are you still eating sandwiches?


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