Sunday, March 27, 2011

navy & brown...

Good Monday morning my lovelies! I do hope you've had a wonderful weekend filled with sunshine (it was even sunny here!) and craftiness!

I managed to get myself a job, the boy found his wedding ring (!), we visited a lovely little art and craft market, and I used the word 'wee' unknowingly for the first time. Turning Scottish already! We also visited some rather lovely UK shops...Topshop, H&M, Primark...I need work clothes, you see. But with my decision to makeover my wardrobe to clothes that are nice and warm, and as we continue to hunt for pretty little (and big) bits and pieces to fill our new home with, I have discovered this excellent little online shop, Navy & Brown. It even has a cute blog attached! Go visit, say hello for me, and don't buy the good stuff. I have a home to furnish and all...

Vintage delightfulness!! xx


  1. Hi Nicola, Just thought, as a long-time follower but seldom commenter of lovelyprettycheerythings I'd take a minute to let you know how staggering it is to me that we have such similar taste in all sorts of things! I just some spools of thread exactly like the ones in picture one, to pretty up my sewing area from the delightful Peppergreen in Berima. Also for more tea towel heaven you should check out - especially because there is a sale on at the moment. Now that I'm no longer living in England im living vicariously through your blog! For instance, Cadbury mini-egss are a dream. Eat them by the bag full while you can
    with all kinds of well wishes,

  2. That comment was done in haste, so, for clarification purposes, I bought spools of thread and I want you to eat Cadbury Mini eggs because I can't. Also, no one should ever be too busy to use punctuation, so apologies to all the Lynne Truss devotees out there.

  3. Hello! I didn't even miss the words in the first comment! Great minds...finish each others sentences? Teresa Green is excellent! xx


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