Monday, March 28, 2011

auction FUN!

Ok. Where we live is directly across the road from the auctions. This is both an excellent thing, and a financially bad thing. But mainly an excellent thing! Because it means that every Monday afternoon we get to go to a chilly concrete warehouse, dig through a room full of treasures, decide what to bid on (apparently I don't have to bid every week, however I say phooey to that), then wait and see what we win! I have also had it explained to me that I'm not 'winning' when I'm 'paying', but again, I say phooey to that.

Last week we got these three pieces of furniture for £10! It was like Christmas! We've taken the glass out of the shelves and cleaned them up, and the drawers have become a makeshift dresser for moi with a gorgeous antique mirror hanging above that I won the week before...for £1!

Is it bad if the auctions are the highlight of my week?



  1. I so know the feeling Nikki! I won a dresser off ebay for $10 - the joinery work makes me think it is antique (at least vintage). Looking forward to doing it up and having it in my house!

  2. It always feels like winning, when you pay next to nothing for something beautiful, in front of all those who lost the prize. Hah!
    Pretty blog! Love your humor.
    - Li

  3. These are beautiful - lovely, and pretty and surely cheery! Where are you auctioning my dear?!

  4. I agree with you all! :) Auctioning at Howes in Blairgowrie...every Monday night! tis most excellent! xx


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