Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a lovely home purchase

Goodmorning my lovely readers!! I have a question for you. It's a really exciting question. You may need to sit down. Are you ready? Ready!
Is this not some of the most lovely looking tea you've ever seen??! And I hear you say, 'but Nicola, Nicola...is it not important that the tea taste good?', to which I reply, 'My dear reader, not only does this tea look delightful, come in a wonderfully papery and pretty box, making us all happy with it's delightful fair trade tag, it tastes delicious too!'. To which I hear you reply, 'Woo!'. Which just by the by also rhymes.
And I agree!! Woo! Have some today*!
check out Clipper teas over here. They're splendid.
* They're not paying me.
ps - my feet are warmer today. I brought out the thermals...

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  1. These are awesome teas! I love love the green tea and there is also a great detox tea!


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