Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lovely looking treats...

Exciting news my lovely readers! Well. Exciting compared to perhaps a very good biscuit or an excellent repaint of a piece of furniture, but I guess excitement is all within the eye of the beholder yes? I think my threshold is low. I find chocolate exciting. But! My very exciting news is...drum roll please...that I made a sponge cake! And it worked! And not only did it work, I put my own home made jam in the middle of it! Excitement all round! That's a lie actually, I was the only one excited.

Only slightly more exciting than my homemade sponge cake with homemade jam are these gorgeous hand made treats! I love them. They could sit in my house looking all beautiful and real, and they would not make my thighs one size bigger, not ever! Genius.

And I love this one too. Obviously not food, but so sweet I couldn't resist!

All brilliantly created by the lovely British Cream Tea . Pop over and say hello...and drool over the lovely treats. And then perhaps get yourself a real biscuit. They're yummy.


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