Thursday, March 17, 2011

oh hello...

There are no words. Actually. There are a lot of words. Go to the
East of India site. My lovelies, it is my new favourite place! Obviously I don't actually go there, as it's online and whatnot. However! If you are one of my near and dear, once I source myself an arms bundle of these delicious delights, you shall be getting some in your letter box! Especially that top one. I wish you were all here! I could look at you during a shopping moment with eyes filled with 'woh this is cheap', followed by eyes filled with 'darn. exchange rate', followed by eyes filled with 'meh! I'm on holidays!'. Although technically I'm not, but I think I can stretch it out a wee while!


ps - thermal underwear is definitely recommended. in layers, if possible.

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