Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Amongst our room bursting full of wedding gift goodness was a brilliant breadmaker! The reason I share this exciting news with you (apart from bringing back glorious memories of our living room filled with wedding gift goodness) is because not only does this brilliant breadmaker make bread (surprise!), it also makes jam! And I, at this very moment, have 3 full jars of sweet red strawberry jam sitting on my window sill! Because after two weeks of being in charge of dinner I have come to the quick and awkward realisation that I have approximately 3.2 meals up my sleeve (not literally. That would be weird. And a bit gross), I will stop short at claiming myself a domestic goddess. But this I will say! Get me a jar of jam and spoon and I will be a happy woman! More so because it has come from my very own hands! With just a little help from the breadmaker...

Enjoy today my sweeties! Imagine what you could do...



  1. You can make jam in a breadmaker?! Amazing! Looks delicious...

  2. I too have a jam making breadmaker but have only made bread so far, thanks for the inspiration! X


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