Wednesday, March 9, 2011

heart shaped goodness...

Happy days! We discovered a Le Creuset outlet store, and I will say this, it was wonderful. AND! You can buy heart shaped things!!!! All KINDS of heart shaped things!!! To then make heart shaped treats with!! The excitement is palpable. And I know you know, brownies in our household will forever more be in the shape of a love heart.


ps - I've just looked out my window and it's snowing!!! Real, big, fat, white, flaky drops of snow!!! It's so pretty! And you have to think, for ice to be falling from the sky, it must be a touch nippy. Hello?! Below my knees?!! Are you there??!

pps - apologies for the sheer number of exclamation points. Heart shaped dishes as well as snow have a tendency to do that to me. Put the two together, it's exclamation point madness!

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  1. Totally excellent goodness!
    I'm so jealous! Makes me want to go to the UK for a year or two.


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