Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'Tis the season! Part two...

I'm still waiting to hear back from the bank about that Christmas credit card, but I'm fairly confident it will come through. Meanwhile, the new Rose & Ruby S/S09 collection 'Cest la Vie' has just been released, and while we're on the topic of gorgeous catalogues I thought I'd share these lovely images. So pretty! So feminine! So PRETTY! Wait.

All the details are absolutely gorgeous which we lurve for Summer, as with all the soft floaty fabrics and prints. Perfect for Summer garden parties, le wedding, your next cocktail function or the grocery shopping*! Next time you pop into their super lovely Paddington boutique, feel free to send me one of their lovely frocks. I'm not fussy. Any will do. I'll thank you with my eternal gratitude. Not too shabby eh?!

Don't be shy, swing by the Rose & Ruby store at 5 William St, Paddington, or have a sneak peek online at their super sweet frocks.

*Not really. Unless you shop in a super fancy Woolies that has carpeted aisles and friendly leprechauns that push your trolleys. In which case I'd say maybe you're having an Irish themed grocery dream and should wake up immediately, lest the small green men try and force mountains of tatties in your trolley, which would just be inconvenient.


  1. How delightful is this catalogue? Beautiful flowy dresses I would wear to the supermarket if I was game enough!


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