Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Super cool shoes!

Something I've been wanting to post up here for quite some time now are these shoes (it's a very exciting time, there will be exclamation marks)! I love them! You might even say, I heart them! Which is really just the same thing, and I'm too technologically challenged to actually make a heart, so I probably could have just stuck with 'I love them'. But before we get bogged down in the details (close call), I have exciting news! Previously based in the US, Spiro Creations are relocating to New Zealand! That's near us! Woo! Now, I would never suggest this has something to do with being closer to the homeland of lovelyprettycheerythings, but perhaps it has something to do with being closer to the homeland of lovelyprettycheerythings?
So to make them and their amazingly cool (and colourful!) shoes feel welcome, pop over to their etsy store, take them a homemade sponge, say hi and ask how they're settling in, and wave your feet around in a surreptitious manner in the hope they'll recognise your exact size and create for you a beautiful pair of shoes. But remember! Surrepticious foot waving can be tricky. Perhaps best to practise first. In a surrepticious kind of way.

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