Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday (because its almost the weekend) beauty post!

There is a rather hugemongous wedding I shall be applying my hand to this weekend, but before I dash off, here's our beauty spot, short and sweet. It's the rubyandjoy headpiece shoot! The pics are hereeeeeee! Doesn't get much more exciting than that! Well. It does. But for now, when my head feels stuffed with cottonballs, it pretty much takes the cake. Mm. Cake.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Perhaps stay inside to avoid looking like you decided to sit in the oven for an afternoon.

image by Lizzy Allnutt


  1. this is gorgeous! you're a very clever girl. have a great weekend x

  2. yep, that's super cool.
    super super beautiful.

  3. Thanks lovelies :) Am so happy with how they turned out! xx


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