Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Possible the cutest little lovebirds I have ever seen. And I have seen, well, not that many, but enough to qualify me as someone who likes lovebirds. Darn. Where's a lovebird expert when you need one!?

In other news I would like to enquire as to the correct pool etiquette when someone of the opposite sex begins to swim upside-downsies under water in front of you watching your butterfly kicks through their exceptionally googly eyes. And yes. Said googly eyes may be googly due to goggles, but STILL! eugh....

ps when swimming I manage about 2 laps of butterfly total, but just thought I'd throw that in there to impress the socks of you. Worked, didn't it?

beautiful photos from the delightful Caroline Tran


  1. oh they are the cutest lovebirds ever, Look at those sweet puckery lips!!

  2. Cuter then these?


  3. Lol, cute, but its a pity they don't hug you back or do cool tricks... but I guess you don't have to pay for a cage or food either ;)


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