Wednesday, November 4, 2009

balloon fun...

It's my birthday soon, I just got excited. I'm hoping there'll be balloons...perhaps spilling from a New York cab, perhaps floating dreamily towards the sky. Perhaps in front of my face. The options are endless...

ps As before-mentioned and explained, these are pics I've had laying about like broccoli since I spotted them and had them at hello. If they are yours and you would like due credit please just ask. And if you lie, well, I won't know. But the pictures will *shakes fist*...
pps I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack :)


  1. Exciting! What date are you? (I'm the 21st so guessing you are a fellow scorpio?)

  2. Ooh I LOVE birthdays around the same time! I'm on the 13th...only 3 sleeps! Am choosing what cake I would like, too many options!!! My mum bakes yummy cakes :)


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