Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sniggle time!

Somewhat like my day today. Well. Not really. At all. I don't work anywhere near revolving doors. Precisely because this kind of thing can happen. And I learnt early on to avoid such mechanics as this kind of thing, which would not happen to many people, is almost guaranteed to happen to me. Anyhoodle. Have you ever felt like you're having an out of body experience, floating high above, looking down and yelling 'GET OUT! RUN! BEFORE IT GETS WORSE!'. Unfortunately my fight or flight instincts have never been on par with 'normal' and I find myself frozen like a deer stuck in headlights whenever an awkward situation arises. And today was a biggie. Let's just say it involved a moustache, inappropriate comments, and a birthday frisbee. Enough said, really.


  1. i love your blog, really i do.

  2. thankyou! comments like yours completely make my day! xx


Your comments make my day. Seriously. It's a little pathetic... xx