Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday and all! I myself was woken to the dulcet tones of barking dogs which, just between you and me, I could listen to for hours! BUT I pulled myself from my blissful wakening back into the real world after a weekend of birthday fun, only to discover being MIA for approximately 2.6 days is equivalent in the online world to 2.6 years. Good times. So before I bore you with stories of painfully awkward situations (woops already done THAT!), falling over, short skirts, Heritage Hotels and strange Irish men, I'd best dive back into my to-do list with the ferocity of a squirrel with a new found nut.
Chat soon!

image via Kate Harrison xx

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  1. In manner of Scrat hoarding acorn in Ice Age? Remember too much urgency to leads to popped acorn!


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