Thursday, November 5, 2009

Real weddings...

Because I'm just a little bit excited about that fact that Tec Petaja is not only an incredibly and super talented photographer, but also a super lovely guy, I thought to myself I'd throw caution into the wind and post his snaps instead of our regular beauty post. I know. I walk on the edge.
For quite some time now (it would seem I need to be busier) I've been scouting for a tree similar to this, one to have feasts under, one to drape with linens and lights, one to lazy about nonchalantly under, looking all model like. Seems I'll have to jet across to the US. I wonder if that could be considered a work expense. Tax deductable? I hear a yes!
Anyway. I love these pics, so relaxed and happy, colourful and friendly. Hurrah for prettiness! And how cool is that bike?!
Pop over to his super site or brilliant blog and say hi for me. Let him know we love his photos and wish him an early Merry Christmas because holy MOLY that's speeding around the corner in a hasty fashion! Must search for my carol cds...


  1. What stunning photos! I would love to have a tree to lunch under. Fun, casual and stylish!

  2. Wow, what an adorable wedding! Love the grooms outfit!


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