Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas crush...

So I wanted to wait until December before I started getting super excited (and poor) at the prospect of so many lovely stores, but alas, one caught my eye yesterday as I was manically sourcing and I thought it only nice for me to share. Also, their Christmas decorations are very sweet and jump started my Christmas fever, much like the glandular fever, but in a more peppy fashion. So woo for Christmas!!
It seems I can't walk past a good paper shop without purchasing bucketloads of goodies, and this one is no exception. Paper2 on Crown St, Surry Hills is just wonderful. If you were a notebook and were knocked off by a jealous postcard, and managed to get into paper heaven? Well. This is where you'd end up. Please excuse-io the poor photos, they're the only ones I could find. So use your clever little imagination and imagine it like this, but with approximately 68.2% more stock, more lovely furniture to display lovely stock on, and of course, a room filled with Christmas-y delights!
So get on your bike, preferably with a baguette and bunch of fresh Spring flowers, and tootle on over to the lovely ladies at Paper2, and try not to purchase the whole store. I dare you.
ps - There were Christmas trees at the markets this morning...big bushy green trees. I was trying to sniff one when I noticed people were looking at me like I was strange. Psh. Cleary they were the strange ones *cough*...

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