Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tis the season...

Not so sensible brain 1 - PARTY SEASON!!!! wooooooo!!!! Oh! OH!! Party shoes! We NEEEED party shoes!
Sensible brain 2 - Is it nap time yet?
1 - Flowers!!!! Romance Was Born?! REMEMBER!!!? Ok. So we can't afford them, but OH! Flowers on shoes...BLISS!!!
2 - Seriously. Nap?
1 - We'll have to come up with a plan. I'm thinking LOUD colours, and BRIGHT flowers, and LOADS of texture and silly fun things that are SO illogical and have the potential to cause full scale falling down humiliation but would just be SO. MUCH. FUN! FRILLS!!! OhohOH! LOADS of FRILLS!
2 - We have no money, you remember this, right?
1 - I don't NEED money!!! You can't put a price on FUN and COLOURFUL party shoes that'll transFORM me into a glamourous hottie!!!
2 - I don't think the sales assistant will feel the same way.
1 - When are we going??? WHEN?! I want SHOES! PARTY SHOES!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
2 - Oh my word.

1 - LOUBOUTINS!!!!!!!!
2 -Oh. We're still going.
1 - Ok. Okokok. So they're over 3 grand. But it's like buying ART, RIGHT???!
2 - No.
1 - And they're in SO MANY DIFFERENT COLOURS!!! It's like a party on my FEET!
2 - Why do you keep yelling?
1 - Because these may just be the COOLEST SHOES EVER!!!
2 - Right.
1 - Maybe I can MAKE some!!! OOOeeerrrr, they're so pretty...
2 - Do you remember the quilted Chanel handbag 'I can sew chains' fiasco? DO YOU?
1 - No.
2 - I don't believe you.
1 - Pretty shoes!!! OOH! OOH! PARTY SHOES!!!!
2 - Aaand we're back here.

first image via thesydneygirl
Louboutin Dillian pumps.


  1. Ahhh, you make me smile. And sometimes giggle. But only quietly. And when noone else is around. Seriously.

  2. Love the red/orange ones with the roses..

  3. Oh the red/orange ones are my fav too! I'm considering starting a savings account...
    And hurrah for giggling! :)


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