Monday, October 5, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post! On a Tuesday!

Profuse apologies for the lateness of this post my super lovely readers, I hope you managed to get through the long weekend without. Push through, stiff upper lip and all that. I would love to ask what your beauty routine was for this long weekend, seeing as we worked our way through gale force winds, pouring rain, 30 degree heat, muggy dampness and a lengthy blackout. Did you try to keep ahead of the game? Or embrace the free and wild look, as favoured by team members of Survivor? I ended up with a combination of the two which lost the good aspects(natural, breezy beauty) and combined the worst (smeary, shiny, frizzy beauty). I won't lie. I looked good. Somewhat like Jennifer Connelly. Especially if we're playing opposites day. I love her eyebrows. The kind of statement that frightens men and makes women begin lengthy discussions on the pros and cons of all manner of eyebrow variations. I love that she has fake-ies on her bottom lashes (interesting, interesting), and I LOVE how shiny her hair is. OH she is beautiful! As is Paul Bettany's forehead and eyebrow. Looking good Paul.

Hello eyebrows *sigh*. Perhaps it was her eyebrows that caught Paul's attention at first. I hear he likes a good brow. Well dressed gentlemen normally do. Perhaps it was that she looks stunning in a dress. And a very bright one at that. Or maybe it was a combination of the two. Men are fairly deep, you know. Don't worry, next time they're in Australia I'll invite them over for cannelloni and will ask them their story. I have trustworthy eyes. They'll spill.

And hello side part *sigh*. This is what I hope my hair will look like when I blow dry it in the morning. Unfortunately I don't have a hair and makeup team nor an industrial fan hiding in my bathroom, and as such, generally end up looking like I've stuck my finger in an electrical socket and walked backwards through the shrubbery. My friends love me for who I am on the inside. I would think it's fairly safe to assume though that being on the cover of Harper's would be pretty exciting, especially if it had 'What's sexy now' scribbled across the front. 'Hey Jen, which Harper's are you on the cover of?', 'The SEXY issue! HELL yeah!'. Well. She may have been a little more refined. But the excitement is there. You can see it in her eyes...

Hair up! Coral lip! Rosy cheeks! Awesome dress (if you're clever enough you'll be able to picture it in your mind. Clever?)! So Mrs Bettany looks pretty super no matter what she's wearing. I choose to love her. This means one day (after we have our cannelloni dinner), we'll totally be able to be friends. We'll discuss eyebrows. Paul. Eyebrows and Paul. Paul. Paul and eyebrows. It'll be awesome.

Top movie. I quoted a line from it the other day and received not a look of admiration for being witty and sharp enough to quote almost an entire movie, but one of pity and, dare I say, concern. Psh. I love this movie. Even though what it sets out to say is proved incorrect in the end. A giant loveable contradiction. Brilliant! But the best part? Look at the cast! All so different and all so beautiful and all called Jennifer! Well, almost. When they were casting I'm sure eyebrows were an important factor. Yes siree. Eyebrows. Eyebrows and Paul.

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