Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pretty little pins...

I've decided what I want my wedding dress to look like! Again! Please don't freak out, I work in the wedding industry. Flowers and fabrics and lovely delightful details of the most gorgeous weddings around are thrust routinely under my nose. I've never been one to have effortless self control (hello chocolate), and with all these beautiful ideas swirling around my teensy little office amongst boards of inspiration and piles of magazine clippings, I'm left with no option but to surrender (and hope to goodness it's thought of as endearing and not 'psycho wedding nutter phase one'). Obviously I can't tell you what it will look like because it's incredibly fashion forward, fabulous and Vogue will want it when it's made, but also because I'll probably change my mind. But for NOW! Holy 1980's batman, this dress is PERFECT!

This really has nothing to do with these fabulous hand made blooms (or does it?), but it's something that caught me off guard yesterday and has excited me just a touch. Let's just say this dress will have something of a flower theme. A cool flower theme.

Oh looky here! Now that we're talking about cool flowers, some might say it would be an excellent chance to talk about these cool designs by A Alicia! Brilliant! All of my clothes are a tad on the dull side (wearing navy excites me) and so discovering these gems has been quite exciting! SO beautiful, to be pinned on your lovely smocks, frocks and tops, and now creating beautiful little buttonholes if you're after something a wee bit different for your wedding. Pop by her online store here and run your fingers (metaphorically, unless you're super clever, or in her living room) over these beautiful little blooms. Delightful!

I wonder what 'psycho wedding nutter phase two' would look like? Probably best not to think about it...

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