Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday (beause it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Shu Uemura encourages us to go wild, to go beyond the ordinary, to take a trip to primitive land. I didn't know they had eyeshadow in primitive lands. I do know that I LOVE this makeup, very nude and natural but with bright poppy colours that are perfect for Summer. And I love that the cheeks are still quite pink and glowy adding to the colour festival happening on miss models face. Being a touch famous for their false eyelashes, it's only fair they threw on some here too, which accent her eyes so beautifully. If only I could wear feathers on my bottom lashes and not be considered a complete weirdo. *sigh*. Perhaps if I started with the top lash line I'd look less 'bedraggled birdy' and more 'high fashion birdy'. Psh. Who am I kidding. 'High fashion birdy' wouldn't work with my brows.

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