Sunday, October 25, 2009

Italian Vogue Bride September 2009

One of my MANY gifts brought back from the European travels had by family was an Italian Vogue Bride magazine. SO many gorgeous dresses and laces and textures! And, being the super thoughtful person I am, I thought it only fair to share some with you! You're excited, I can tell.

I also thought if imperative to ask the question, if one was to make a trip to Italy, strictly to look at bridal-like inspiration, this would be a tax deductable work...thing, would it not?

ps I've always been quite definite about my dislike for dresses that are short at the front, long at the back (the Mullet tried to sue some time back in 1982 but failed due to insufficient evidence it 'owned' a description), but something about this one makes me love it. Don't get me wrong, I won't be wearing one, I don't think ever, but I really love this image. Vogue just rocks my socks a bit.

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  1. drooling! love this...just the in⋅spi⋅ra⋅tion I need!


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