Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

It seems fitting to take inspiration from the woman that creates some of the most beautiful gowns...I'm going out on a limb here...ever. And as it seems fitting, we shall! Hurrah! This ad (above), when I saw it, made me all nostalgic-like. I had this torn from a magazine and stuck on my wall many a year ago. I think I liked it because she looks so happy, but also because they seem to fit together like a puzzle which, for my romantic soul, quite simply made me happy. Don't be concerned for my sanity, I'm quite aware this was a photo shoot and he could have been one of those guys that likes wearing tartan on a regular basis which a Vera Wang model would NEVER go for. GOSH no. But I love that image. The sweetness and innocence is just lovely. And as this a is a beauty post, can I please draw your attention to her hair, a middle part, all lovely half uppy and half downy. And HEAVENS! It's a tulle headpiece! Maybe this is where my obsession came from. OH the pieces are just falling into place! And they're heavy so best to carry a hard hat.

The name of this perfume would quite honestly be enough to make me purchase sight un-sniffed. Hair still all lovely and half uppy/downy, but a little grungier. And I quite enjoy the smokey eye with the peachy lip. She looks so classic and vintage. I'm sure she whiffs of bouquets too. The wild kind, just after it's rained. OH to live near a flower field...

Vera likes her models neutral-ly, you may be picking up. As everything else is a party for the eyes, what with the gorgeous dresses and beautiful scents, it seems quite intelligent to stick with a natural face. Bravo, Vera. Bravo. This is a smokey eye done with taupes and beiges, with a little brown smoodged in there. Very wearable for your wedding, 'specially if kohl and the word 'liner' FLIP you out and create a bridezilla monster deMANding a new makeup artiste imMEdiately otherwise you SHALL NOT be exiting your hotel room. Finger combed hair is fun too. Very pretty and feminine at the front and classic at the back. Like a mullet. But not.
And ooh to be swinging from a tree hanging chandelier in the sunny afternoon, in a pretty frock whilst wearing a crown! I would most likely get tangled in the branches and end up needing an SES team to help me down, which would probably dampen the festive fairytale mood a tad. Ground based activities seem to be best for now. Less fun, but life retaining. I can assure you, however, if I was to be suddenly granted a day of graceful life to swing through trees, I would most definately have sea-salty texture-y hair, lovely shaped and filled in brows, and a glowing complexion. And probably a camera, because no one would believe it was possible.

And to add a little minxy minx to our pretty Vera ads, we have Ms 'I have my hair swept back and lots of eyeliner with bronzed cheeks because when I'm wearing heels and my nighty I like to be able to sweep out the door at a moments notice to a cocktail party with a quick switcheroo of underwear to frock'. Or something.
Happy end of weekend!

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