Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Real Weddings

Our first gorgeous Real Wedding from Caroline Tran, super duper photographer and very lovely lady. How beautiful is this wedding! A backyard reception with ALL the trimmings. Candles tied with satin ribbon and string, hanging lanterns in the huge leafy trees, lace and textured linens, a gorgeous cake plus lovely mini cupcakes, and of course, a stunning bride and a handsome groom, sharing their dream wedding with us. Absolutely beautiful!

As an aside, I bought my first red lipstick yesterday. Like, bright red. I think it's called Strawberry Suede, which is an odd name really. Can't say I've ever seen suede in the hue of strawberry, and I imagine it would be somewhat garish. But now I have it, do I dare wear it? It's weighty decisions like this that keep me up at night.

Check out the gorgeous Caroline Trans work here or see her newest work here. Feel free to ask her where those giant balloons come from. I'm dying to know, and it would be FAR to straight forward for me to ask.

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