Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet smelling lilacs...

Once upon a time, in a meadow full of sunshine and rainbows, the Anemone said to the Lilac,
'I just don't get it! I used to be her favourite. She'd go on for days and days, waxing lyrical about how wonderful I was. Now it's like I'm a forgotten Summer love...'
The Lilac was deeply uncomfortable, and if it could, it would have blushed a deep Roma tomato red, for it knew it was her new favourite.
'I'm so sorry my dear Anemone', said the Lilac, 'if I could change things I would, you have to know that!' The anguish was clear in it's mellifluos voice. 'I guess we just have to realise she's a fickle fickle woman, swayed by the seasons and the new lovelies that come with them.'
The Anemone responed, between sobs, 'I guess you're right. Lilacs can be so wise. I guess I had hoped when I caught her eye this year, her affections might stay with me a little longer...'
The Lilac brushed it's sweet smelling purple petals against the Anemones dear little face, and said 'Don't fret my sweet. Sooner than you know, August will be here again and she'll be shouting from the rooftops how much she adores you.' The Lilac made a solemn promise to the Anemone it would come to pass.
At this, the Amemone cheered considerably. It raised it's little tear stained face towards the sun, and began to notice the colours surrounding it in this wonderfully musical field. And it knew, with heartfelt certainty, that come August 2010, her love would return.
The Lilac and the Anemone became the best of friends, and decided to make gumdrop buttons for everyone. And they all lived happily ever after.
The end.

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  1. Love this little story, and so glad the lilac and the anemone are happy little friends in the flower field. :)


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