Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

As this blog is full of very serious and insightful articles, all based on fact and lengthy research, I feel it only appropriate to write another cutting edge article filled with er, insight and fact.
So! As my research has shown, the spelling of the word balayage/balliage has yet to be confirmed and as my research is always faultless, I'm going to switch between the spellings, just to keep you on your toes. Fun AND educational! Well. Not really educational. Or fun. But let's not get too bogged down in the details...

For those of you who know me (hi, Mum), you will know I have recently converted from the hotel of 'Blonde with fringe' to the penthouse apartment of 'Brunette and oddly length-ed growing out mid way fringe'. Good times. After pushing through that whole 'you've COLOURED your HAIR!!!', 'Er, yes' thing, I've decided I quite like it! I have also named this Summer the 'Summer of Brunette and oddly length-ed growing out mid way fringe'. I'm pretty clever with names like that. But anyway. Lately, after seeing SJP looking all minxy and Carrie-like on the set of the new SATC movie (yay!), I thought to myself, "Why did no one tell me Citroen's have super magnetised windescreens and my e-tag wouldn't make that cool beepy noise!?". But also, "I like her hair!".

And also, when I posted about the super cool Alexa Chung um, a while ago, I thought, "I like her hair!". My thoughts are pretty indecipherable (don't worry, it should become clear where this is heading quite soon) sometimes. And then WHAM (here it is)! I decided this unspell-al-able technique of balliage would be my next hair-type adventure! Weeeeee!

Then I saw Daria Werbowy and thought, "Heavens! Perhaps one has to be good looking to pull off balayage."

But then I saw these chickies and thought, "Nah".
Ha! JOKING. I am curious though. If balliage if a bit of a Victoria's Secret "thing", does this mean one would need have a team of people throwing silver and gold confetti over oneself every time one would step out of one's house? Because that could be something of an OH & S issue. Just saying...

Happy weekend xx
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