Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday (because it's almost the weekend) beauty post!

Good Friday morning muffins! You guessed it! It's time for me to share my pearls of wisdom with you about skincare! Except instead of pearls inside this mushy and slightly warm oyster shell, it's just me rubbishing on about something I know nothing about. Are you excited? ME TOO! So lets dive straight in shall we? And perhaps keep the ocean themed comments to a minimum.

SO! As the weather has decided to up and leave its sanity behind and take us on a merry journey I like to refer to as 'the ending of the world', my skin has decided to go a little berko in it's confusion. I know how it feels. Is it warm? Is it raining? Is it raining and warm? Or raining and cold? Will it be rainy and cold this morning and then lightnering and hot this afternoon? Or will it be sunny and cold this morning and windy and rainy this afternoon? My goodness. It's almost cause for a sick day. Anyhoodle. Methinks it's time for some tender loving care. And where best to start than at the good old Body Shop. This product here is tops. Not only is it hugely effective in moisturising and healing too, it's a pretty pink colour! Swell!
Now I've not actually used this lovely little pot of goodness in my wonderfully colourful 23 years, but I've heard SUCH good ravings from the beauty types, and I'm SUCH a sucker for sweet advertising, it seems only fair to include it here. Philosophy have some beyooootiful products, especially their yummy smelling shower and bath washes. Hello Mr Gingerbread Man. Super duper pressies that smell like a frosty white Christmas* laden with eggnog, fluffy pines trees and open flame fires. Except we're in Australia. But heck! Don't let that stop you! If Hope in a Jar can provide a miracle cure for confused skin, Mr Gingerbread Man can bring visions on caroling and berry covered wreaths, I'm sure of it!

I have a jar of this on my bathroom shelf, brought all the way from Sephora in Paris. Oh how I love Sephora with its shiny rows of lovely pretty things, sweet scents and best of all, bags full of freebies! But this little goody has carried me through many a season and shall continue to be used whenever I feel the gusts of Autumn, the smells of Spring, the rains of Winter, and whatever the hoolio it is we're experiencing now. It's downfall? No pretty smell. *sigh* But not to worry, the Clinique folk will probably read this blog, realise their mistake, ad get cracking on a new formula. Yep. No doubts about that. Use it! Use all of them! Or your trusty olive oil. Just don't be getting kissy with anyone, you will smell like a salad and most likely be a little slippy. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And then, voila! You shall look like this!!! Except more like you.

And if all else fails, get thee to a Benefit store, ask the lovely lady at the counter for some Posietint, insert hi-larious play on words joke (Benefit...Posietint, rhyming, good one...), purchase, and rub into those lovely little cheek bones of yours. Get glowing (see what I did there) and try it. It'll be fun. And not only will it be fun, it'll be like you went on a holiday, without going on a holiday at all! Brilliant! Wait...
* Christmas!!! Yay!!!!

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