Monday, May 31, 2010

Tea for Tuesdays on a Monday!

Something of a random selection of images today. But I do quite like them. And I'm hepped up on cold & flu drugs. So it actually makes complete sense to me. And as it is raining raining raining today, and my throat is hurting hurting hurting, I do believe it is time for tea tea tea.
And some chocolate.


  1. Rain is, without a doubt, the best excuse for tea and chocolate. Enjoy!

  2. mmmm. My throat is also sore,sore,sore. I think some lemon tea is in order. Thanks for the inspiration. Get better!

  3. Feel better lovely one.xxxx

  4. I love the teacup pics!!!!! Makes me wish I had a few of those in my small collection! Thanks for sharing!


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